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Aro 2012 Review


ARO 2012 is a tool that was created for users interested in cleaning cluttered registries without being concerned about harming their PCs. In addition to resolving registry issues, the software is designed to clean the entire computer. The process takes just a few minutes and the result is a system that functions as if it were new. It is an extremely user-friendly application and the buttons and tabs within the application allow for quick navigation.

Sammsoft has consistently maintained a focus on safety. This focus draws from the understanding that once a registry is damaged users will usually have to purchase a new computer. This tool is designed with the expectation that it will be used by an average user. There are plenty of user guides available to help alleviate concerns related to the proper use of the software for the optimization of a computer's performance. This software earns our Top Ten REVIEWS silver award as a result of its user-friendliness as well as the excellent set of features contained in the application.


Sammsoft is well aware of users' need to work with software that is easy to operate. This manufacturer also understands that software must contain all the necessary features. We were impressed by the speed of the scan processor along with its ability to locate an excess of 3000 problems that needed resolution. Similar to a lot of other cleaners that we have subjected to review, the ARO 2012 has the ability to remove unnecessary objects without issues of significant concern. We were also impressed by the application's ability to delete web browser history along with files that were determined to be junk. The deep scan performed by this software enables it to remove files that are usually overlooked by other cleaners. The overall performance of this software is significantly enhanced by the union of quality features, quick scanning capability and the effectiveness with which it cleans registries.


In addition to the registry cleaning capabilities of the ARO 2012, it also has the crucial ability to back up and restore a computer system.  For users interested in easy access, the various aspects of their system, the ARO 2012 also provides a basic defrag. In the event of accidental deletions, it also contains a button that allows users to undo errors.

Running a defrag session is advisable after corrections to a registry are complete. This helps ensure proper grouping and removal. The ARO 2012 is also equipped with a tool that enables users to scan their start up applications. This helps significantly increase the operating system's load time.

There is all also an automatic scheduler that will perform a scan in the event that a user either forgets to does so or simply doesn't want to manually perform one on their own. In order to take advantage of this tool, a user will simply need to select a time when the computer is least in use and the software will perform the scan at the selected time. The optimization capability of this software will update your system and delete unnecessary files. Upon completion of this process, the software automatically reboots your system to ensure proper performance. It is important to save any data prior to beginning the optimization process. Users should take note of the fact that the Internet history will not be removed in the course of this process.

Whenever a scan is performed, the registry lab will be updated. The information contained on this page includes details related to your computer's overall status along with any related problems. Firewalls as well as antivirus software and other similar installations will also be identified in the process. Any concerns that are located are automatically resolved by the click of a button.


Safety is an extremely crucial component in registry cleaner utilities. The ARO 2012 has an abundance of safety related features designed to ensure that the software works to enhance your computer as opposed to damaging it. The undo capabilities of the software enable users to ensure that they have everything working as intended.

The ARO 2012 also ensures that the system's Windows update is configured to ensure optimal performance of the computer. In the event that a user inadvertently makes a change that they are unable to handle, they can take advantage of the system restore and registry backup applications. The ARO 2012 is lacking in the severity of its warnings regarding individual issues. As a result, the recommended action is to clean all issues that might present a problem.

Ease of Use:

There aren't very many competitors that can match the user-friendliness of this particular registry cleaner. The ARO 2012 has several tabs dedicated to specific functions including status checks, system cleanup as well as computer and registry optimization. Computer registries can be scanned for potential issues in a matter of 2 clicks. Though the simplicity of the process is ideal for novices, it still possesses the ability to fix major problems.

In addition to the registry repair, the system also contains a backup section which ensures that the computer and registry perform as they are intended once the cleanup is complete. Should one's system crash, the availability of backups allow users to easily restore systems to previous working states. The simplicity of the controls allows users to easily select files that require scanning. It is also easy to schedule new scans.

Help & Support:

For individuals who are uncomfortable with computer systems, registry cleaners can sometimes prove difficult to navigate. The availability of quick and detailed instructions can be an invaluable resource. The features present in this cleaner eliminate any need for users to guess their way through the process. Additionally, there is a help button for quick access to a manual. There is also a helpful FAQ's page online. Users also have the option to obtain support via e-mail. The simplicity of the software makes it unlikely that it will be necessary to make use of these resources. 


In addition to the registry cleaning capabilities of the software, it also helps enhance the speed on your computer. The guided instructions make this software extremely user-friendly. It is important to back up your computer registry prior to cleaning. The abundance of guides and other tools are a welcome resource for the more difficult questions. Anyone interested in a computer that is fast and reliable will benefit from the registry cleaning capabilities of the ARO 2012.